Fit Guide

Like any garment, knowing your body shape is important in finding pieces that flatters the figure by contouring to the body creating a comfortable fit.  The same rule applies to the shape of the foot. Choosing a style that compliments your foot shape rather than a style base on design is most important. Shoes should never cause pain, pinch, rub, slip, or compress the feet. A good fitting shoe should support the foot and allow it to move freely as it flexes while walking.  Our lasts run true to size and although our shoes are all handmade, we do not provide customized made-to-measure sizing. We will however take a few basic measurements to ensure we select to right size and last according to your measurements.

The Chukka Boot

A rounded toe shape, paired with an open face and roomy toe-box, make this an easy-wearing style for all day active wearability.
Recommended for: Average to wider feet.

The Wholecut Oxford

A closed lace-up facing, slightly chiseled toe-box and seamless upper, the Wholecut Oxford fits snugly against the foot for a streamlined look and feel.

Recommended for: Average to narrow feet.

The Loafer

A slip-on, mid-cut style with a round toe-box and low profile makes the Loafer a practical option for most foot shapes.

Recommended for: Average to wider feet.

The Slipper

This slip-on, mid-cut style features an almond shaped toe-box for a sophisticated silhouette.

Recommended for: Average to narrower feet.