From the designer and maker, Amy Slosky:

“It all began simply—I really just wanted to make beautiful shoes. But it wasn’t enough to just learn the craft; I wanted to immerse myself in Italian culture and tradition, one where makers and artisans are integrated in everyday life. So I did.”

If you want to learn more, feel free to call us, we are always ready to share our passion for shoes.

Inspired by Italian craft, design, and leather, we create effortless yet sophisticated silhouettes. Each style is rooted in an appreciation for classic bespoke tailoring, designed to elevate how you feel and how you look—regardless of gender.

The Philosophy

The Amy Slosky studio follows the centuries-old practice of a single artisan completing every step of a handmade shoe. We stay true to this time-honoured tradition, paying homage to the the craft—l’artignale.

The Craft

Our shoes are handmade via a thoughtful working process that included an acute attention to detail. By using traditional hand-stitched sole construction methods, you get the ultimate in durability and comfort. The result? The perfect shoe, everytime.

The Materials

All of our shoes are handmade with the finest Italian leather uppers, outer sole, and heel. Every shoe also has a 100% leather insole. The use of premium all-leather components means that our shoes naturally mold to the contours of your feet with wear, enhancing comfort and making them uniquely yours.